Family vacation in Serbia

The best destinations in Serbia


If you are wondering “What to visit in Serbia” or looking for tourist tours in Serbia, then we offer you a brief overview of the places to visit in this friendly and hospitable country!

The top 10 places to visit in Serbia include such tourist places as Belgrade and its extraordinary fortress, remains of the ancient Roman city of Gamzigrad, Tara National Park and unforgettable adventures on rafting on the Tara River, Djerdap Gorge, Zlatibor and Kopaonik ski resorts, Resava Cave and Cave Stopicha, Skull Tower and Niš fortress, as well as numerous thermal springs in different cities.

The best time to visit Serbia is challenging to choose because even ski resorts offer a variety of activities in the summer. Fans of active recreation and recreation with children will be able to appreciate the proposed tours of Zlatibor and enjoy the beauty of the fantastic mountains of Serbia. Therefore, it can be said with confidence that Serbia’s tourism is sufficiently developed for both winter and summer holidays.

VIP Casa complex

Brand new concept of apartments, 4 luxury furnished villas, hotel service and an array of accompanying activities, all under VIP Casa Club umbrella

VIP Casa Club

In the heart of Zlatibor, near all tourist attractions, commences the story of VIP Casa Club, inspired by creating a unique experience for all generations and all senses…

Luxury mountains resorts in Serbia


Serbia is a great place to relax with your family or friends, which can boast with its unique natural and historical sights. But besides the sights, the country is also known for its mountain resorts Zlatibor, Kopaonik and Stara Planina. All the tips for traveling in Serbia will not bypass these high-class mountain resorts, which, by the way, offer active and healthy mountain holidays in the summer.

After exploring the mountains, you can relax and enjoy a tour of the tastes of traditional Serbian cuisine. The national cuisine of Serbia offers unique homemade delicacies with the unchanged tradition of cooking in the clean mountain air. Much more than the other mountains, Zlatibor is famous for its unique gastronomic experience.

Spa center

A bio sauna with a Himalayan salt wall , finnish dry sauna, turkish bath, Hamam , 3 massage rooms, two Jacuzzi

Casa de Vinos

A true oasis of pleasure for lovers of good wine and delicious snacks. In the authentic ambiance of the winery-restaurant, you are awaiting the largest selection of gastronomic specialties and wines from local and foreign producers.

Wellness and Spa vacation in Serbia


Another pleasant addition to your active rest will be the SPA resort and Wellness vacation at Zlatibor for excellent well-being, energy and purification of body and soul

Pool and Spa

VIP Casa Club has a 20-meter long indoor pool with 2 Jacuzzi, spa program and a bar with refreshing drinks


Establish a balance between mind and body through one of our aromatherapy, relaxation, sports massage programs. Experience the feeling of real pleasure in the natural atmosphere

The best family vacation with children – Zlatibor mountain


Zlatibor is such a Balkan medical mountain resort. It is believed that the sea and coniferous mountain air is combined here, which is very useful for lung patients and those with thyroid problems. Therefore, there are so many sanatoriums.

Choosing a family holiday with children in Zlatibor, you will have something to do: walking in the mountains, cycling, visit children’s sports camps,  enjoy swimming and spa recreation, and much more. Therefore, if you love a mountain holiday with children and nature, then the mountain resort Zlatibor will become your favorite place to spend the best family holiday with children!






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