Winery and Restaurant

Casa de Vinos is one of the favorite locations of all who have experienced the magic of wine, food, and music at least once.Seemingly just a restaurant-winery with boarding and a la carte meals instantly displays its magic and becomes the epicenter of a good vibe. Enjoy the most beautiful flavors of the sea, different continents and national cuisines on the mountain that reflects the beauty and traditional Serbian hospitality. Taking into account the specific requirements of our guests, the dining table is filled with the most diverse foods for various food regimes, but also with authentic Zlatibor specialties, an unavoidable attraction of Zlatibor's tourism.In the pleasant ambiance of the Casa de Vinos restaurant and terrace, a wine festival takes place throughout the year, an event that brings 12 winery and 12 world cuisines together. Following the VIP Casa Club Wine Calendar, you will easily select your host and the time of the year that you will spend in Zlatibor.Experience your journey around the world, without any suitcases or passports. With a glass of good wine, sail on the wings of the tastes of world cuisines and indulge in the pleasure prepared for you by the best chefs. Unlike the usual restaurant offers, in Casa de Vinos you can choose between the VIP Casa menu and the Chameleon Kitchen.Preparing food is an art to which we devote a lot of time and even more love. By combining the traditional way of preparing food and modern international recipes, the VIP Casa menu is created with over 30 dishes for which we choose only the best quality ingredients.Distinct and always different from everything you are used to, Chameleon changes national cuisine each month. Throughout the year you can expect to 'travel' through 12 different cuisines, from Japan, India and the Middle East, via Alaska and the United States, all the way to France, Spain, Turkey, and other countries.Chameleon brought the best from all around the world to this one place - to the VIP Casa Club